Introducing CHIC 2015 Council (2)

Dominique Gillard: Student Experiences

My name is Dominique DuBois Gilliard. I am a pastor at Convergence Covenant Church in Oakland California. I have a deep passion for discipleship and reconciliation. I also really enjoy working on Christian Community Development initiatives and programs that are focused on empowering young people to reach their full potential in Christ. I am really looking forward to being a part of the 2015 CHIC council because I know the profound impact CHIC has had on thousands of people’s lives. I myself being one of those individuals!


Ben Pease: CHIC Chair

Originally from Massachusetts, I served as a youth pastor there for 6
years before serving at Salem Covenant Church in MN for the past 8
years. I love adventures with my wife and three kids, working with
students (especially in leadership development), and getting outside for
hiking, running, backpacking, and canoeing.  I am excited and honored to
serve on the CHIC Council because time and time again, I have seen
students experience God and make decisions at CHIC in ways that have
changed the course of their lives.


Angie Wysocki: Evening Worship/Mainstage

I am a girl that loves adventures, exploring new places, a great story, an even better live concert, a good book, great coffee, a really good Eggs Benedict, a great piece of clothing or necklace that is on sale, a moment that makes me laugh, and a good day of skiing, or a vacation at the beach. Things that I am passionate about are loving my family and friends well, living as the woman that God has called me to be, and helping others experience the thrill of living as a Christ Follower and what that means for the Kingdom of God. I currently live in Roseville, CA but grew up in Denver, CO and spent significant years in Chicago, IL.





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5 comments “Introducing CHIC 2015 Council (2)”

I have a question about who can attend CHIC. We had a few students that were freshman and attended CHIC 2012. They would like to attend again after their senior year to CHIC 2015. Is it okay if they attend a second time or are they only supposed to attend once during their high school years? The question had come up with some of the parents so I figured why not just ask those planning the event. Thank you.

By the way,CHIC opened the door for God to profoundly change the youth of our community. Thank you for your willingness and hard work to serve our Lord in this special way.

Dawn Reimers
Office Manager
Covenant Church of Wakefield, NE

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Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement about Chic! How wonderful that your students experienced God in such a profound way!

Thank you also for your question. YES the ones who came as freshman may return to Chic for a second time. It is always amazing to see how God works and calls us on our faith journey! We are very excited that your students would want to return! We will be praying for you and your group.

See you in 2015!

Marti Burger

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I am an ordained Covenant pastor serving as Children & Youth Pastor in a Presbyterian Church. Can we attend CHIC 2015?

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Yes, you can attend this event.

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Hello I’m Jonathan Julion and I’m interested on going back to CHIC. I live in Chicago, Illinois and I’m a freshman in college in which I attend Harold Washington. My church that I was raised in and still attending is Oakdale Covenant Church on 95th and Vincennes. The Pastor of the church is Pastor D. Darrell Griffin and the my Youth Pastor is Rev. David Washington. There is a small problem I want to attend CHIC and be a worker. I say this because I’m going to be 20 on April 22 2014. of this year. But I’ll be 21 next year where I can be a worker. I am going to try  to raise money to money as we speak. I want to go so it can be a transition from young teenage hood to manhood. Because  I came in 2012 for the first one and it changed my mind on what God has done for me. I live for the Lord and he has changed my heart. I will like to go again because I feel I’m not perfect but I want to grow more in my faith with Jesus. I will like to do this because it will keep me safe because the summer time is busy out here and people lose their lives a lot.

Jonathan Julion
Oakdale Covenant Church

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