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Specialized Ministry Areas

Read a little more about what’s going on with the other people who will be helping pull together CHIC 2015!

Let’s give them a round of applause!


Specialized Ministry Areas: All positions report to the Director of Youth

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CHIC Council Area Descriptions

So, now that we have announced the amazing folks on the CHIC 2015 council. Lets learn a bit more about their roles:

CHIC Chair – Ben Pease

The CHIC Chair partners with the Director of Youth Ministry to partner with …

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Introducing CHIC 2015 Council (2)

Dominique Gillard: Student Experiences

My name is Dominique DuBois Gilliard. I am a pastor at Convergence Covenant Church in Oakland California. I have a deep passion for discipleship and reconciliation. I also really enjoy working on Christian Community Development initiatives …

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Introducing CHIC 2015 Council (1)

Sally Carlson: Enrichment Services

Hi, I’m Sally Carlson and I serve as co-pastor with my husband, Dan Larson, at Norquay Covenant Church in Norquay, Saskatchewan, Canada. I love traveling, playing volleyball, laughing (seriously!), and most of all – being with …

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Best Weekend Ever!

3 comments Written on February 20th, 2012     
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Ben Kerns

Pastor of Children and Students at Marin Covenant Church, Blogger Extraordinaire, and Youth Ministry Network Facilitator for the Pacific Southwest Conference.

As I have reflected on my weekend in Chicago with my covenant peeps, I have come to …

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Youth Ministry Network

The Youth Ministry Network (YMN) promotes healthy Youth Ministry in the Evangelical Covenant Church by helping Youth Workers to be known, connected, and resourced.

Within this new structure there are two defined roles, the YMN Facilitator and the YMN Leader. …

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Advent: What Are We Really Getting Ready For?

1 Comment » Written on December 13th, 2010     
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Benjamin Kerns – Youth Pastor, California

There is something magical about the Christmas season. From Thanksgiving on, people spend a significant amount of their free time and extra money preparing for one day. There are cookies to bake, cards …

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Half-Day Seminar for Youth Workers

Post a Comment » Written on October 18th, 2010     
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All 9 – Enneagram Seminar

The Enneagram system describes nine distinct personality types and their interrelationships. As a new addition to the Speaker Team, youth workers from across the country have been trained in how to administer and interpret this …

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