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Preparing a Generation for Spiritual Greatness

Our world is changing fast and students are not the same as they were even five years ago! According to the research, this entire generation is more spiritually aware and open than any generation in the last 25 years. No wonder we see Satan attacking this generation like no other.

The powerful influence and adoption of world views that do not align with God’s perspective can ultimately lead teenagers to drugs, alcoholism, immorality and worse – but even Christian kids who don’t struggle with those issues still need to be able to see life from God’s point of view.

The world is being positioned to accept the leadership of a new generation, a generation of HOPE that will see the Great Commission fulfilled in their lifetime. PlanetWisdom has accepted the challenge of preparing a generation for eternal and spiritual greatness.

Our PlanetWisdom Conferences are real, paradigm-shifting events that take teens from a student point of view and get them looking at their world from God’s perspective.

PlanetWisdom is all about teenagers, and to reach them best we also provide resources for the people closest to them – their parents and youth ministers. We do that in the following ways:

  • We use technology to spread God’s Word, including this website
  • We build close relationships with youth pastors and provide special youth ministry strategies.

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