A New Kind of Youth Curriculum

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Are you looking for some new curriculum? Sparkhouse might have what you’re looking for. Sparkhouse creates resources for Christians “through collaboration and imagination.” Their mission? “To spark new life in Christian communities.” Sparkhouse offers a number of different resources, designed for children, pre-teens, youth, and adults. I checked out the youth curriculum, and I really liked what I saw. There are two resources offered for youth: re:form and Echo the Story.


re:form is a totally new approach to youth ministry that trusts youth to wrestle with the historic Christian faith and theology.

This curriculum features two DVDs with 40 short animated films, each targeting a theological question that youth really ask. The films are funny, informative, and engaging, and use a 3-part system: Encounter, Engage, and Respond. Students encounter a theological topic, engage with it through discussion, and respond by using an “anti-workbook.” Instead of fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, or true or false questions, the anti-workbook encourages creativity by having students draw, build, and write.

Check out samples of reform videos, workbook pages, and leader guides here.

Echo the Story

Echo the Story is an innovative line of resources and events inspiring churches to discover the art of Bible storying. Storying provides an imaginative experience of the Bible’s overarching narrative that prompts creative and meaningful responses.

One youth worker said, “My students were immersed in the Scriptures in a way they have never been before. They have a greater understanding of the Story of Stories. They became a part of the Story! This was an opportunity for us to engage in a life-changing experience.”

Echo the Story founder, Michael Novelli, leads storying workshops around the country. Upcoming workshops will be in Illinois, Michigan, and Texas.

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2 comments “A New Kind of Youth Curriculum”

I am using re:form for my middle school ministry.  It is awesome!  I highly recommend it.

Kevin Kokx
Youth Pastor
Monadnock Covenant Church

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I used the DVDs alongside the ECC’s Journey curriculum with my middle school group – they loved it – wonderful and funny and really well done.

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