CBCIPE: Discipleship and Leadership School

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CBCIPE: Discipleship and Leadership School in the Central Conference

Since March 2010, a group of young adult leaders from the Hispanic Covenant Churches has gathered once a month in Chicago to prepare the first CBCIPE in the U.S.A., which will be held in the Central Conference.

The mission of the discipleship and leadership school, CBCIPE, is to prepare young people to live as disciples of Christ and to empower the various ministries of the Church. CBCIPE came into effect due to Hispanic youth leaders expressing the need to gain training in different areas, within the church and outside of it. Youth are a dynamic and active population involved in church activities and are becoming a primary resource of fulfilling the mission of Christ in the church.  Therefore, training young adults is very important.

The Bible school is not a seminar or a youth camp. It is much more than that.  Youth and young adults (ages 17 and older) from different cultures have the opportunity to fellowship and experience a strong personal relationship with God, teachers, mentors and others who become involved. During the month of July, the participants will take a variety of classes including Theology, Introduction to the Bible, Spiritual Formation, Evangelism, and Ministry with Children. They will also participate in workshops, retreats, and local service projects.

The goal is for youth and young adults to put into practice what they have learned in the community and local churches, and to share their experience with students from different countries. Each of the activities is developed toward fulfilling these goals without taking away the principle of having a real encounter with God.

The first CBCIPE in the USA will be held at the North Park University Campus in Chicago, IL from July 2-July 31 of 2011. Along with the Central Conference, the Department of Christian Formation of the Evangelical Covenant Church, North Park University and North Park Theological Seminary, and the Hispanic churches in the Chicagoland area are all collaborating together on this pilot project.

For more information, please contact Julio Isaza via email at isaza.julio@gmail.com.

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