Matcha With Me 600


…to a place and space to look at familiar things in a slightly different light.  In Japan, a time for tea can refresh, refocus, energize, and purify. The setting,  utensils,  art, companions and the tea itself all contribute to the experience. Here, I welcome you to sample and perhaps savor my reflections on many things.

Just as there are many varieties of tea, each with its own texture, scent, and taste ranging from bitter to sweet, innocuous to in-your-face intense, so you will find many offerings here. In the same way that tea is connected to virtually every part of life in Japan, here are topics drawn from my history and attempts at living as a follower of Jesus while filling many different roles in two very different cultures: Japan and the U.S. I hope  you leave refreshed.

Andrea Lundquist Johnson

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