Surprise! There’s Hope!

We are not usually Twitter people. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 and the changes that began in early March in and around Medellín, we began following Medellín, Antioquia, and Colombia leadership and their Twitter accounts so that we would have a more complete buffet of information and news of what would be going on around us. For the most part, this decision has greatly helped us. We’ve been able to be prepared and to know what we needed to do and how Medellín and Colombia were faring during this pandemic.


Colombia started very early and watched what the rest of the world was doing in facing the pandemic, thus learning, and applying, what was working. During these past months we have been able to leave, on specific days, for essentials—groceries, medicines (if needed)—but only one person per family. For some errands we have needed to request a special permit in order to be on the street or inside of a business or location where the errand takes place. Since we are older than 60 we have special hours in grocery stores (which are within walking distance for us) with less people and better attention. All travel in the country, air travel, bus travel, etc. have been restricted.


We intentionally started our days early by walking, praying and listening to God together in our gated neighborhood. This has helped us to begin the day with some normalcy. The picture below is the first morning that we were actually able to leave our gated community and walk together “outside” for exercise after 75 days of restrictions preventing us from leaving together.


This morning, as I, Gary, connected early to the news and was surfing through the various sites, as well as through the Twitter feed, to be “up to date”, I found out that yesterday the rest of the world had taken notice of Medellín. “Colombia’s Medellín emerges as surprise COVID-19 pioneer” said the headline. (Please find the article here and enjoy the read.)


Medellín, and Colombia, is beginning to “open up”, amidst strict social distancing and bio security guidelines and there is still much work to do to recover the economy, yet there is hope.


Please know that we pray with you and for you, in the situations that we read about and see that you are facing, and we so cherish your prayers for us. Let us hear how you are doing as we are committed to continue to hold you in our hearts and lift you up in prayer.


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