Local Community Transformation — CWR Style

The 3rd Latin America Covenant World Relief Partner Consultation is now in the books—accomplished! It was fantastic that 23 representatives from CWR local partner projects, foundations, corporations and ministries from Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and the USA were able to meet in Candelaria, Honduras for five days. Each CWR partner from Latin America gave a holistic transformation principle-based presentation of what they were learning and experiencing in their people group socio-cultural contexts. This encouraged dialog as we thought through how to adapt these principles to the different cultures and environments of the other countries. This made for great learning opportunities and interaction amongst those who were representing community transformation projects addressing specific conditions and situations in their own cities and towns such as: earthquakes, inner city growth, gang violence, peace initiatives, indigenous outreach, internally displaced people, domestic violence, and small business principles for startups and savings groups.

We were hosted by the Central Committee for Water and Holistic Development of Lempira – COCEPRADIL (https://www.facebook.com/Cocepradil-108146423883372/) Cocepradil, (as their name explains above), works for clean water and holistic community/environmental transformation in southern Honduras. This amazing organization formed by well-educated professionals (engineers) is working with the local farmers and communities (reaching more than 50,000 individuals!). They focus on positive relationships with each other through local clean water boards and with their stewardship of creation as holistic environmental farmers. Being able to walk on the farms, meet with local water boards, and hear and see first-hand how Cocepradil is impacting the local communities, families, creation, etc. was incredibly uplifting.

We are so proud to be counted amongst the CWR partners and see and hear how CWR continues to work with, serve, strengthen, accompany, equip and participate in disaster relief and with local community transformation initiatives.

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