Casa Hands with Hope has been found!


One, Two, …Three Strikes, You’re Out! It was starting to feel just like that for the Hands with Hope Foundation.


We have been giving you updates about the Hands with Hope search for that special place which would bring together their ministry outreach programs and their vocational, craft, and small business classes all under the same roof. Yet, first one, and then a second, housing option was ‘struck out’ right before signing the purchase and title documents.


God knew what was best for Hands with Hope. He protected them from falling prey to two situations that appeared great, but would not have been so! As the staff prayed, seeking God’s direction, they asked general questions, such as: “where, when, why, and how, oh Lord?” He then encouraged them to ask more specific questions: “what have you been trying to tell us?” “what more do we need to learn from you?” “what do we need to “let go of”’ in order to possess this ministry home?” God let us know of some things to let go of, and he reminded us to trust in his timing, his goodness, his presence, his protection, his power and his provision.


And then, during Easter weekend, when we celebrated Jesus’s resurrection from the dead and when we seek the resurrected life from lost hopes and despair – there came the 3rd pitch! And, … it was a homerun! A friend and member of the Shalom Covenant Church offered her home for sale!


Casa Manos has been found and is being purchased! Possession will take place around the end of May. It’s not downtown, but alongside a Metro Station, affording easy access to all. Although ministry has been taking place in several different locations around Medellín now, under one roof many people will come to learn, to be encouraged, to create, to dream, and to heal.


Casa ‘Manos con Esperanza’ – where Learning, Creativity, Production, and Blessing take place.IMG_9916

IMG_9932 IMG_9933

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