Well, well, well….

Well, well, well…and we’re back!

Apologies for not writing since, May?

But, here we are, back at it again.

So, to do a brief catch up:

June: we hosted a Merge team up in the mountains as well as celebrated five years of marriage and hosted some friends in our home.

July: We left for the United states where we spent two weeks doing Merge team trainings and CHIC and then we were able to have our last two weeks just with family, enjoying family meals, walks, and talks.

August: We came back to a Merge team that partnered in a rural church in Guachala and hosted friends at our house.

September: Hechos 29 came to Ecuador and we were able to help out the first week with interpreting, I also made and canned salsa with friends, we hosted some friends in our home, and were able to start taking pottery lessons!

October: We celebrated Richard and my birthday, had Merge meetings, went to Guayaquil to visit the family, got really sick, and hosted some friends from the USA.

and now, November.

We are in full, Merge team planning for next year mode with emails and skype meetings, and church board meetings as well as Richard will be teaching for a week in Acts 29 school.

We’ve been busy but I know that is no excuse not to blog (or send out newsletters).


So, here’s to starting again!

“See” you in a week!



P.S. This is wisdom right here ^

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