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Why Germany?


Oftentimes we are asked the question, “Why Germany?” so we thought it would be a good idea to share this with you! Sometimes it is hard to really communicate feelings, emotions and experiences in a blog.  So much is experienced and challenged inside of us when we step outside of our normal surroundings. I, Phillip, experienced this during my first trip to Germany.  I was fortunate enough to have a cousin who lived in Düsseldorf and hosted me so I could experience life in Germany for a week or so at a time for many consecutive summers.

During my time in Düsseldorf, a city in the West Central part of the country, I developed a love for the German people and culture.  In some ways the country felt similar to my own and at the same time, very different.  I was exposed to new ideas, new ways of life and new people.  Some of these people made a great impact on me. They would later help me develop a call to serve in Germany, even though, at the time, they were not aware. I shared these experiences with Stephanie and in sharing, peaked her interest in Germany.  In many ways both of us would be aware of how German themes would randomly surface in our lives and this would spark a desire for the country and its people.  Throughout the entire search process, Germany was mentioned as a possibility and when the invitation to visit was issued, it seemed obvious that we had to go.

After visiting Hamburg, meeting many committed believers and witnessing countless outreach organizations, we felt connected to the ministry being done in this country.  The FeG (Free Evangelical Church of Germany) felt we could offer much to the team and promised to provide mentorship and supervision as we develop our calling and giftedness.  We look forward to learning more than we could have ever imagined, knowing God has placed us in Germany intentionally. He delights in bringing our past together with our future and reveals that no experience is ever wasted when we believe and obey God, trusting Him fully with our lives.

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