Yep, it’s Josh’s turn to type a little blurb. I am very thankful for my beautiful wonderful wife who is always so deliberate about posting on here but I’ve got to contribute every once in a while.

As a member …

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36 Days!

We have some news! In 36 days we will be heading north for a Summer Home Assignment!

Why? Well we are glad you asked. We have been serving together in Ecuador for two years and our plan has been to …

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Mother’s Day

Holidays can be especially hard due to the vast distance between us and our families. On these occasions we are even more aware of the grace of God in giving us friends who have adopted us into their families.

Our …

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Fried Fish

This past weekend we took a quick trip to the coast to help out a church in need.

Since we were on the coast, we took advantage and ate some amazing seafood! Pictured below is just one of the amazing …

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