Last week we had the privilege of hosting Pia and Eugenio Restrepo who are our Regional Coordinators of Latin America and the Carribean (long way to say: bosses). They stayed with us for 5 nights and we enjoyed debriefing some issues we are facing, praying together and sharing some laughs. We are so grateful for their discernment and care.

Unfortunately I never did take a picture of us together, but I have something better! On Sunday they joined Covenant World Relief’s Dave Husby on a trip up to the Cayambe area (see last post) to visit different projects where CWR is partnering with various Covenant Churches to bring sustainable development projects to their communities.

Dave gave me permission to use some of his photos!

It was International Women’s Day when they visited which is why these beautiful Kichwa women are holding roses.

Lote3 2Lote3


This is Pia, she had a connection with this darling little girl. Look at that ponytail!pia


I think Eugenio fell in love with these little cuties too!


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One thought on “Visitors

  1. It was wonderful to be together! Thanks so much for your warm hospitality! You are an amazing couple and we will continue to walk by you! Thanks for your love and commitment to the people in Ecuador.
    We can truly image “God’s smile” when he sees his mission through you!!
    Wonderful pictures!

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