Saying Goodbye to childhood

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Just over a week ago I said “goodbye” to our eldest child, Miles, as he headed off to college in Colorado. Hydi went with him to help him get settled and will be back after a couple weeks. So she is probably experiencing a very different sort of farewell. For me it has been an interesting mix of emotions.

  • Gratitude: Children are a blessing! We were given the privilege of raising Miles and living with him for just over 19 years. It’s been fun to watch him grow up. He has added so much to our lives.
  • Fear: Yup… there’s no denying it. Some how I just can’t keep from worrying a bit. It’s a big, bad world out there and I hope and pray for the best for him. I pray that he will be blessed with a good situation at college, and that he will make wise choices… but it doesn’t stop me from wondering, “what if?”
  • Excitement: This is probably what Miles is feeling the most right now, and we share it as well. The future is wide open, and our “little boy” is fast learning what it is to be a man.
  • Sadness: I already miss him. Today I was cleaning some of his stuff out of his room so Eli can move in. Old photos, sports trophies and medals… the tears were flowing as I held each item in my hand.
  • Laughter: When I think back to my own experience leaving home and how carefree I was back then I can’t help but laugh at myself taking Miles’ departure so seriously. Good grief! This whole post is starting to sound like an obituary! Maybe it’s just a “first child” thing and I won’t get so bent out of shape the next time. Then again, in two years it’s going to be my darling little girl going out into the big bad world. Shoot… I’m already getting worried!
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Good to see another post from you. We are praying for you at Martha Lake Covenant church here in Lynnwood, WA. It was my husband who had more trouble with the kids leaving than it was me. It will be harder for you because Miles is so far away. Ours only went to Eastern Washington. Missionaries give up everything for the Lord. May we here in our comfort zone do the same.

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