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We are here in the U.S. for a year and one of our primary objectives is to get connected. Connected to churches, connected to individuals, and connected to the Covenant. We really enjoy the opportunity to visit churches, meet people and share a little bit about how God has been using their gifts and answering their prayers in Japan.

Ironically, one of the ways in which the Covenant is helping us get connected is through this blog. They have done all the work setting it up. We just get to enjoy the benefits; and hopefully you will too. So I guess this is just one more way of getting connected.  I say ironic, because what this kind of connectedness doesn’t require is our physical presence here in the U.S. But I guess that is both good and bad. Nothing can replace face to face communication; worshiping, praying and serving together and all that comes with being in community with other followers of Jesus. But then again, cyber-community isn’t a bad thing either. In fact I’m sort of looking forward to this new chapter in our relationship with many of you.

Much of my travel schedule for this year is still undecided. If you would like to get connected please let me know; or contact the Department of World Mission in Chicago directly.


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