Emergency Vehicle Permission

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Yesterday’s major accomplishment was getting an emergency vehicle permit for my car from the local police. This gives me permission to get on the expressways in and around the affected areas. We are told that fuel is available once you get on the expressway. I’ll probably be heading up in the next day or two.

On another note, gas shortages here in Tokyo are significant. I got up at 2:30AM and drove around for over an hour looking for 24 hour gas stations but they were all closed. At 4AM I got in line behind 30 other cars at a local gas station. After a while I walked up to the station and saw the sign saying they were out of gas and had no idea when the next load would arrive. I decided to skip that line; drove a bit further and found a line with less than 10 cars so I got in that one some time before 5AM. At 6:45AM they opened and were only selling 2,000 yen of gas per vehicle which amounts to about 3 or 4 gallons at current prices. I showed them my emergency vehicle permit and they kindly agreed to sell me about 5 gallons so now I have half a tank!

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My sympathies go out to you. Hang in there. We will keep praying.

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