A Year and a bit…

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Last night as I lay in bed falling asleep I was jolted by a staggering realization. A week ago Tuesday was the first anniversary of my mother’s death. The fact that I could have gone through that day, and another ten more completely oblivious is a deeply troubling fact, one with which I have absolutely no idea how to deal. Am I really that callous, jaded and uncaring? Or am I simply self absorbed? Or worse yet, am I already experiencing symptoms of the illness the took my father’s life? I don’t know… I simply don’t have an answer. But what makes this failure on my part so troubling is that it is at complete odds with what I am feeling in my heart. I miss my mother very much. I think about her often. Her memory is very dear to me. How could I completely miss the first anniversary of her death? One year is a very short time… certainly too short to forget.

And so I decided to write about my feelings, and to share something very personal. I am uploading the video of the words I shared at my mother’s funeral. I was able to express my feelings in that moment much better than I can now, not to mention a week ago Tuesday.

Part 1

[youtube id=”2mepdhwfK4o”]

Part 2

[youtube id=”X2hTUtLWSW4″]

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3 comments “A Year and a bit…”

Thank you so much for sharing this Jim. I remember her with affection and admiration. Peace to you.

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Thanks Jim for posting this. It allowed us to be there, even if a year later… a good word (benediction) remembering a great Mom.

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Grace’s life helped me hear the good song more clearly. Her smile (and humor) radiated warmth, hope, and courage. Thanks for the reminder of the context of her and Paul’s message.

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