Prayer chapel is moving along as the “walls” go up

The Prayer chapel at Rain Forest International School has finally risen from the ground. 


Before the foundation goes in, the angles for the walls and the curves of the foundation must be calculated using all these strings.

After almost two years of discussions and planning, construction of the chapel itself began in early July. 


The foundation is poured in two stages - a wide lower foundation is at the bottom.

The upper foundation is narrower and taller wall that allows for forming a level floor. Here it is being poured.

The foundation is complete and it is time to fill in the dirt to allow the floor to be poured.

With the floor complete it is easy to see the area that will be enclosed.

The unique shape and “walls” allow for a sense of privacy while still allowing visual contact with those inside. 


The bottom layer of bricks is carefully positioned so that the angles of each column will form the "open walls"

The walls are taking shape and an idea of the final look can be seen .

Meanwhile the garden that provides an entry into the space is growing and looking wonderful. 


The prayer garden is also growing and flowers are beginning to abound.


Stay tuned – hopefully the chapel will have a roof within the next couple of months.

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