Latinos in Japan

latinosLatin Americans are the second largest group of immigrants in Japan, only behind Asians – the Brazilians and Peruvians represent the largest Latin communities.

In Latin America, both Brazil and Peru are also the two countries with the largest number of Japanese inhabitants.

As for Brazil, it is estimated that after a migration agreement signed between Brazil and Japan in the early 20th century, the number of Japanese living in Brazil amounted to 1.5 million, which made Brazil the country with the largest number of Japanese living outside its territory.

The most recent figures of Latin American immigrants in Japan:latinos2
• Brazilians: 267.456
• Peruvian: 57.464
• Bolivian: 6,094
• Argentines: 3,484
• Colombian: 2,705
• Paraguayan: 2,240
• Mexico: 1,995

Concentration of Latin Americans in Japan: Greater Tokyo Area, Chukyo Metropolitan Area (near Nagoya) and Nagoya, Hamamatsu, Toyota, Oizumi


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