Those who know Jesus, but don’t know it

“All paths lead to God. All religions are the same. Jesus isn’t the only way.” This is what people say. It makes it sound as if Jesus is only for one group of people. But what if it is the opposite of this? Will people of all religions, including Christianity be in heaven? Yes, but not because of their religion. They’ll be face to face with Jesus because of Jesus. They’ll be with God because they know God now.

If they follow the path of love, they are not following ANY religion, including Christianity, and Love is God and God is Jesus and Jesus is God. Do all paths lead to God? Well, if we believe that Jesus is one path among many, we have not read what he said and we do not understand who he is. If we believe that all religions are the same, we can say, “it depends on your definition of religion.”

If religion is about rules and structure and dogma and putting principles before people than NO religion will lead us to a path of life, neither here on earth nor in heaven. But if religion is true religion – taking care of widows and orphans, loving God and neighbor, treating others as we’d like to be treated – then this is the life Jesus came to earth to model for us. I am not the one who sees the heart. Only God sees the heart. And only God knows if someone is truly loving others and following the path of Jesus. Some will follow Jesus and know him by name. Others will follow Jesus, but because of where they were born or what they’ve been exposed to, they might not know his name as Jesus Christ, but they know the Word of God and they know him as Lord of their life.


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