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Sometimes the CEFA cattle herd make their way from their pastures, through a left-open gate, across the bridge, and up the hill into the orchards.  I ran into them on my afternoon walk, and there wasn’t anyone around so I …

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Our dear friend and colleague has passed away

Our dear friend and colleague, Pastor B, passed away.  We were able to attend the wake, across the river, with a truck full of friends and family.  A burst of rain didn’t deter the goings on, but the construction of …

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3rd cataract surgery!

My friend M had to have 3 cataract surgeries!  NO, she doesn’t have 3 eyes, she had to have a redo on her 2nd surgery.  Something went wrong, but our eye surgeon took total responsibility and redid it for …

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New vision – innovation

This guy has to lean out his window to see the road because the hood of his car is piled up with merchandise to sell, BUT it’s raining, so what does he do?  Grabs one of the basins he’s taking …

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This week’s best

My eyes never cease to be surprised as I walk in the late afternoons around the farm.  Praise be to our creator God!

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No, Roy didn’t forget to complete the sign.  THE is tea in French – you don’t have to put the accent on upper case printing, while in lower case it would read “thé”.  The tea is actually growing well and …

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After our little farm family church one Sunday, the farm manager’s wife suggested that we use our offering to bless the poor and needy across the river, rather than just amassing our bit of cash to pay for our Sunday …

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