The magic of Gramptree/Grampadee/Bucky

Is it the love of being outdoors and having someone to play ball with?  Is it that he always shares his ice cream?  Is it that he likes to have helpers in the garden or building a lizard cage?  Is it that he doesn’t mind wearing necklaces or Easter hats and having bows in his hair?  Is it that he’s got a touch with a crying baby? Is it that he doesn’t mind sharing his lazyboy or reading a book to them? I think they just know that he loves them, quietly, surely.  Not boisterously or even super warm and fuzzy, but a guaranteed, quiet love.  He is blessed by a quiverful of granchildren, who call him by many names, the latest of which is Bucky.

Playing basketball with Elaina & Sawyerblog ElSawRoy

With Maddie, receiving a treasureblog MaddieRoy

With Maia, being a pony, or rather, with Maia’s amazing imagination, maybe a tiger or an elephantblog MaiaRoy

With Emrie, talking about something very seriousblog EmrieRoy

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