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Reflection of a YMN Facilitator

4 comments Written on June 13th, 2012     
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Youth Ministry Network (YMN) Facilitator, Erik Cave

I love being a YMN Facilitator, though it hasn’t been all easy.  When I was asked to serve I thought I knew what I was getting into.  After all, I was there when the job description was written.  Marti Burger put together a meeting of longtime youth workers to discuss the state and future of the then active Frontline Coaches program.  We prayed a lot, we threw around some crazy ideas, and we managed tense situations when we didn’t exactly agree.  The driving question for our discussion was, “How do we best care for youth workers and ministries?”  All of us had come from a different conference so each had a unique perspective on how to answer this question.  Ultimately Marti was able to synthesize our whiteboard full of ideas to something that made sense.  Each conference needed a person to help facilitate a network of youth workers and ministries to be known, connected and resourced.  I left the meeting encouraged by what this could mean for the North Pacific Conference.

Here in the NorPac we had already put together a Youth Commission that watched over our retreats and worked with the Frontline Coaches to care for youth workers.   Continue Reading »

Youth Ministry Network

The Youth Ministry Network (YMN) promotes healthy Youth Ministry in the Evangelical Covenant Church by helping Youth Workers to be known, connected, and resourced.

Within this new structure there are two defined roles, the YMN Facilitator and the YMN Leader. Each conference has only one YMN Facilitator while there are many YMN Leaders in each conference, determined by the geographic reality of each region and affinity groups. The role of Youth Ministry Network Leader is a revision of what was formerly known as a “Frontline Coach”.

Discover who the new Youth Ministry Network Facilitator is in your conference by visiting There you will find each YMN Facilitator’s contact information, location, and a photo. Introduce yourself to them today!