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A triennial event with a humble, yet rich, history beginning in 1956 when hundreds of high school age Covenanters gathered together as the Covenant High Congress. This event has morphed through the years moving from regional camps centered on small group Bible study and devotion, large group gatherings with speakers and music, and outdoor recreation to outgrowing such venues. This growth prompted a change and in 1972, the East and West Coast Congresses combined, necessitating a location that was more conducive to the nearly 1,500 students who attended. This much larger group gathered together, as their predecessors had, to engage in small group Bible study and devotion, large group gatherings with speakers and music, and outdoor recreation – on a larger scale.

What was your experience at CHIC? Who or what left an impression on you? What did God use to speak to you? Was it the speaker, your youth leader, another students you met, the music, the location? We’d love to hear your story. Please, leave a comment.
This legacy has been carried on to become what is now “Covenant High in Christ”, best recognized as “CHIC” by the 1,000s who attend and 10s of 1,000s who have attended, and continue to support this ministry.

Once upon a time, the Covenant High Congress opened their time together with a ‘political rally’ to nominate and elect a president and first lady; in more recent years CHICsters are stunned from the first few minutes of their CHIC experience not only by the volume of the music but also by the sheer number of their peers who have intentionally gathered out of a desire to play, worship, learn, and grow in understanding and in faith with others from throughout the US, Canada, and abroad. The purpose of CHIC is to be a catalyst that inspires Christ-like change; challenging students to see themselves as part of something bigger and inspiring students on the journey of following Christ.

Through the years CHIC has been modified and diversified, innovated and revolutionized; however, a few key elements remain, the CHIC legacy is one of continued gathering for small group Bible study and devotion, large group gatherings with speakers and music, and outdoor recreation. Praise be to God, faithful throughout the ages.

What will your legacy be?

The CHIC Legacy Fund was created in 2009 as a way to guarantee that the next generation of Covenanters will be able to write their piece of the history of CHIC as you were able to. We need your support and have generated three easy ways to for you to give financially toward the CHIC Legacy Fund. Your support helps to assure that this life-changing ministry event will be offered for many generations to come through the CHIC Legacy Fund.

  1. By check: Write “CHIC Donation” on the memo line and send to: 8303 W. Higgins Rd. Chicago, IL 60631
  2. Online: CHIC Legacy Fund.
  3. Bequest by contacting the Covenant Trust Company online or calling 1-800-483-2177 for more information.

Note: All donations will be acknowledged by mail. If you experience any difficulty donating online or have questions, please call the CHIC Office at 1-800-910-CHIC (1-800-910-2442).

For more information regarding the next scheduled CHIC, please visit the Covenant Events website. CHIC is sponsored by the Department of Christian Formation of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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