Pray. Please.

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Today’s post is written by Jo Anne Taylor, Director of Music and Worship at Bethlehem Covenant Church in Minneapolis, MN.

“Please pray for my church …” the message begins. Often, this phrase introduces a struggle the writer’s congregation is facing. Maybe the Veritas process has raised awareness of some uncomfortable truths, and commitment to revitalization means facing challenges that appear insurmountable. Perhaps a church is struggling with the hard reality of dwindling membership, and must discern whether its season of ministry is nearing its end. Sometimes a church experiences rapid growth, and dealing with the growing church’s needs presents a whole new set of challenges to its leaders. Death invades. Conflicts arise. Resources dwindle.

“Please pray for my church …”

Sometimes, however, “please pray for my church” introduces another kind of challenge: stepping out into the unknown possibility of new ministry. We call on others to join us in prayer, knowing that with God, all things are possible. We assemble fellow servants of Christ around us, confident that where two or more are gathered, Christ is in our midst.  We call on others to join us in calling on God, claiming the promise that God will provide what we need.

“Please pray for my church as we embark on a new ministry….”

“Please pray for my church as we seek God’s leading in defining our mission…”

“Please pray for my church as we look for just the right leader…

or worship space…

or volunteers…

or vision…”

Please pray for my church.  How can I pray for yours?

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