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Today’s post comes to us from Chris Logan, Pastor of Worship Arts at Community Covenant Church in Lenexa, KS.

In lieu of summing up the various discussions on the thread this week (which are numerous, may contain spoilers, and would frankly be difficult to re-read from the tryptophan-induced coma I am currently experiencing), I want to simply open it up and ask a question for your response in the comments section: what about your worshipping communities draws the most unsolicited thanks from you on a weekly basis? Put another way: for what, in your church, are you the most thankful?


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4 comments “Thanksgiving”

Genuineness. People often mention it… very encouraging and for which we give Jesus Thanks!!! -Glenn

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I’m exceedingly thankful for the amazing staff and volunteers I get to work with!  They’ve been a huge blessing over the last year especially.

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I’m grateful for the many talented and dedicated people in our church who volunteer their time and giftedness with willing hearts. They recognize that ministry isn’t something pastors alone do – it’s something we all do.

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This may sound strange, but I’m rapidly realizing that Thanksgiving is one of the most Christian occasions we celebrate – and I’m thankful for it.
I’m also deeply grateful to be in a humble, friendly church that loves God.

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