Bringing my World to Christ

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Yesterday was Bringing my World to Christ Sunday— as encouraged by the ECC. We’re wondering if your church participated. If so, how did you incorporate BMWTC into weekend worship? What was the sum and substance of your participation?

Interesting. This morning Scot McKnight blogged about the future of evangelicalism. He notes 4 distinctives of evangelicalism, one of which is: the necessity of new birth. Evangelicals believe that Christian faith calls for a personal turning to God in Christ– an intention to follow– a decision to stay in faith rather than turn away from the faith of one’s baptism or heritage… His blog post is a response to Michael Spencer’s recent prediction that Evangelicalism is waning and, in fact, will soon be dead. It’s an interesting post, given that we in the ECC are, this year, focusing on our second affirmation: The Necessity of the New Birth.

Again: How does your church live out this affirmation in the forum of weekend worship– this past weekend or any other??

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