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Skye Jethani on the Cult of Mac. Quite a stretch and almost disturbing. Idolatry is, and always has been, a problem. But just because something is beautiful, functional, fun, a great value, popular and better than all other things of its kind… Is this any reason to accuse the said-thing of being an idol? Or the lovers and users of such a thing idolators? I think not. What do you think?

Our friend Rich Johnson, director of UMin, leads a non-profit called Spark Ventures. They’re hosting 4 Miles to Hope— November 13, 14 or 15 in Chicago. Learn more and think about joining in in a dangerous act of worship.

Don’t forget about this.

Have you seen one of those upside down video messages yet? Tim Peterson made this one, and we used it last weekend at Crossroads. 

Zondervan has purchased Bible Gateway and plans to expand the concept. This already-handy resource may become more dynamic in the coming days.

And for all of us with an affinity for the contemplative: Let’s meet in Cambridge, England, September 2009 for this!

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