Worship Bailout?

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How many of you are employing images and issues from the banking/mortgage/stock market mess this past week in worship Sunday? What illustrations will you use? What visuals are you employing? Have you changed your sermon topic or text to speak to this tumultuous period in our national experience?

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One Response to “Worship Bailout?”

OK, I’ll get the ball rolling. I used an illustration last week about faith and Judas Iscariot during a song transition (song about faith leading into a song about how there’s a little bit of Judas in all of us). How Judas wasn’t necessarily a bad person, but that he just had faith in things (money) and people (the Pharisees) other than Christ. How putting our faith in anything (stock market, the presidential candidates, our jobs, even our churches) or anyone (boss, pastor, etc) but Jesus will eventually lead to disappointment, even if those things and people are generally good.

Granted, you have to have some measure of faith in other things in order to live in this world, but faith in Christ must be the foundation of it all.

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