What’s with all the standing?

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I went to chapel today at an area Christian school. They have a very strong worship band and invited us to stand. We stood through four sets of music sung many, many times. I noticed that a growing number of the worshiping students stopped clapping and singing. They were tired. I know I wanted to sit, but I’m an old guy. Do high energy worship leaders ever think sitting is a good position for worship? When? We used to use an * to let folks know when they should sit or stand, but that’s when we also used paper bulletins. Any good suggestions?

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4 comments “What’s with all the standing?”

Sure, instruct the one leading the music segment(s)of worship to be intentional and to decide ahead of time which songs will be sung standing and which will be sung sitting and then follow through with verbal instruction.

We also give regular instruction (permission?) that folks have the freedom to sit or stand at any given time during the musical part of our worship and a few take advantage of that freedom. However, I would guess many of us feel a bit odd if we are doing something most or any others aren’t. Still, the best remedy is to make sure the music leader is AWARE of the endurance issues of the participants.

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I hear you loud and clear… and if we are to be biblical, stand, sit, kneel, clap, shout, sing, do it all and integrate all that is scriptural re. the practical aspects of worship -as is appropriate to your congregation in the given meeting-. I think it is a lack of prayerful, thoughtful planning that often gets us into the ditch. Then again, you can’t please all the people… ever. I’d suggest the answer to most of these issues is good communication, the worship leader/team/pastoral advance planning and attention to detail and -balance- ahead of time. Easier said than done but what isn’t in the church? 🙂 -Glenn

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Hi Glenn. Welcome to the WC blog. Good to hear your voice! Katie

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Hi Katie, Thanks for your kind welcome 🙂

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