Floods and Favor

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Our friends in Chicago and Houston are in lots of cold water.

Last night, I received emails describing the flooding in Chicago and at NPU, as the north branch of the Chicago River overflowed the banks. Classes are cancelled today, and many are without power. Students have been evacuated from certain dorms and are sleeping at the rec center.

Matt Nightingale and family moved to Houston just in time for the hurricane. You can read about his adventures and see the pics. Cov News Service, just published this story on all the Cov churches in the Houston area.

All this reminds me, this morn, of the great flood and God’s strong words. 

Genesis 9:15 TNIV • Read this chapter
I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. 

I’m struck by God’s reference and commitment– to life.

When oceans rise and thunders roar, it’s difficult to see or feel the life giving goodness of God. We need a sign. That’s why I like this short prayer we attribute to David: “Give me a sign of your goodness.” That prayer language comes at the very end of Psalm 86.

For some reason, I’ve come to depend on that little prayer whenever signs of trouble overwhelm the signs of God goodness.

Flood water has long been a sign of trouble on the earth. When we’re confronted by signs of trouble, we can ask God, in no uncertain terms, to show us a sign of favor. So that’s our prayer for Chicago and coast cities today.

God, give us a sign of your goodness. And cause us to know deeply: It is because of your life giving and life sustaining involvement in all creation that the waters invading Chicago and our coast cities today are subject to your strong arm and good favor. Show us a sign of your goodness this day. Amen

Please use this space to offer news and prayers concerning these floods. Katie

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