Must Church Musicians be Christians?

1 Comment » Written on August 18th, 2008     
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I ran across this short article in Leadership Journal online in which Rich Muchow defends his practice of allowing non-Christian musicians to play in worship services.

I figure the ECC community would have some opinions and wisdom about this. In this short column, Rich responds to the common objections and explains why he thinks it’s good for non-Christians to serve up front as worship musicians.

If you’re able to read the article, please offer up your wisdom on the topic. – Katie

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One Response to “Must Church Musicians be Christians?”

I would say they don’t HAVE to be, but if they’re not you have to be explicit about what your expectations are and make sure all the lines of communication are open. You want them to be free to be themselves and express themselves, but you don’t want any mixed messages coming from the front.

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