I speak, you speak, we speak, they speak, he/she speaks ENGLISH

Helen and students in English class at the Ubangi Protestant University

After 33 years out of formal classroom teaching Helen jumped back in with English classes Monday through Friday at the Ubangi Protestant University March 5-30.  Each day she had about 80 students in 5 classes working on basic English supplemented with a Proverb from the Bible for each lesson and specific vocabulary for their majors:  Law, Economics, and Theology.  Students ranged from 19 to 45 years old and were in general a respectful lot who did well.  Professor Smith found the month of teaching challenging but enjoyed the overall experience from the 20 minute ride to and from school on the back of a motorcycle to preparing lesson plans to teaching to correcting tests and homework.  She’s looking forward to more time in the classroom this fall.  (Note: a little motorcycle is on order from Kinshasa for her to drive herself to school in the future.)

Helen's ride to the Ubangi Protestant University

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