Update on Missionaries in Japan

The following update was submitted by Pauline Carlson, Covenant missionary and country coordinator for Japan.

The Covenant missionaries in Japan are very thankful for the prayers and support of many people around the world as they are dealing with the aftermath of the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami north of Tokyo. The prayers and expressions of concern have been greatly appreciated. Please continue to pray for Japan and its people as they deal with this major natural disaster. Pray for the Christians in Japan that they would be salt and light to their neighbors, and will be able to share God’s love and care for the people around them.

The Covenant missionary staff in Japan continue to monitor the situation in the area of the earthquake and tsunami north of the Tokyo area.  Many have heard about the nuclear power plant and the evacuation of people in the vicinity of that power plant.  It is a serious situation for the people living near it,  but  the Covenant Church of Japan and its churches, as well as the Covenant missionary staff, are not located in the vicinity of the plant.  There are churches and missionaries from other missionary sending  organizations in that area, so prayers for those people would be appreciated.

The Ambassador to Japan from the U.S., John Roos, has sent out a notice to U.S. citizens living in Japan that the embassy is monitoring the situation and consulting with U.S. experts in nuclear matters, and the precautions that the Japanese government are taking are appropriate for this situation.  The embassy will continue to send out information to U.S. citizens when necessary.

Please continue to pray for the country of Japan and its people.  It will take time to recover from this natural disaster. For those interested in giving a donation, donations can be sent to Covenant World Relief.  Covenant World Relief will be partnering with the Covenant Church of Japan and other organizations that will be doing relief work in the affected areas.

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