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The group’s name is “Covenant World Mission.” You must have a Facebook account to be part of this Facebook group. Below is the recent news posting from the group:

We thought we’d give this social networking tool (Facebook) a shot – to get Covenanters involved in God’s Kingdom work connected to each other.

From the CWM office end, we’ll interject topics, stories, prayer requests. But, this group isn’t about us – it’s about you, your heart for global work & your experiences engaging in mission.

So, please join us along the journey –
*invite others to join the group
*start a new topic on the discussion board
*let us know what you are up to!

Mission began with & belongs to God. This mission was fully embodied when God sent Jesus into our world as one of us. All through the Bible, God sent people to participate in this mission of love for the whole world. The central purpose of God’s mission has always been to reconcile people with God and with one another. As God’s people we are called to embody the good news wherever we are sent.

What are you pursuing these days?

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