Fundraising for Short-Term Missions

Building a base of support for short-term missions requires time and
energy. Participants need to sharpen their vision for missions and
invite others to support the work they plan to pursue. These
assessments will help you communicate with donors and ask them to
support the opportunities for service that God has given us.

$9.95 from Building Church Leaders

This Training Pack contains all of the following:

Sharing Common Values

Short-term missionaries and their donors should share the same essential values.
by Pete Sommer

A Variety of Sources

Why keep dipping into the same well when we can seek help in multiple ways?
by Scott Kirby

Making Your Case

Each short-term missionary should follow these guidelines when communicating with donors.
by Pete Sommer

A Better Donor Letter

Are the fund-raising letters we send focused, personal, and compelling?
by David C. Forward

Honest and Above Board

Accountability and truth build ethics into short-term missions fundraising.
by Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions

Outside the Box

Is our church supporting missions fundraising from a large enough pool of ideas?
by Greg Asimakoupoulos

Fanning the Flames

Is your church on fire for short-term missions giving, or ready to pour water on the idea?
by Richard Lewis

How Tall Are the Hurdles?

Every church faces obstacles to missions comprehension and fundraising.
by Paul Borthwick

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