Colombia Covenant Elections

We have been asking you to pray with us for the Colombia Covenant National Church FIPEC Annual Meeting, which was held May 4-7. We have been accompanying the FIPEC leadership, in all of the regional conferences, as it has been preparing for this special time together. Amongst many points of business that were considered were:

1) The election of a new FIPEC President for the next four years. Mario Gonzalez, from Bogota, was elected as the new FIPEC president. Pray with us for Mario as he works to bring to reality the call within the Pacto to be a “strong and unified body of believers.”

2) The election of a coordinator for the national church planting movement. Perhaps the biggest challenge will be to coordinate the church planting emphasis that is present in all of the regions of Colombia. Each region, by addressing the cultural reality that they live in, is trying to extend the Kingdom of God in their context, which is different in each region.

3) The election of a national coordinator for theological education and the equipping of ministry leadership. The naming of a national coordinator for leadership and pastoral development is the next step in the movement of leadership and theological training that has been a foundational tenet of the Pacto for the past 49 years.

4) How to incorporate the Churches, the Youth, Women, and Children’s ministries, and the Community/Social ministries into one unified Colombia Covenant body. The incorporation of the Covenant (Pacto) ministries and churches into one strong and unified body will be addressed by a group of professionals. This is so important as often, in the past, the Church pastors tried to accomplish this organization and understanding between the churches and ministries and it hasn’t been successful.

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