A Shout out to Cathy

thumb_img_2031_1024We want to give a “shout out” to our missionary companion, Cathy Campobello, and honor her this month as she celebrates 29 years of missionary ministry in Colombia. Since 1987, when Cathy came to Colombia as a short-term missionary, and then in 1990, when she was consecrated as a long-term missionary, she has been a trusted friend, companion, leader, and co-worker for all of the more than 30 ECC missionary staff that have come and gone during her career so far. Cathy has spent all but a few months of her career in city of Medellin. She has grown in her ministry, along with the Covenant of Colombia, and has been involved in numerous ministry focuses. She now is focused on worship, intercessory prayer, human rights advocacy, women’s ministries, preaching, teaching, and is the Mission treasurer. Cathy has had our back many times during our careers together, and, we have had hers. Being the same age we have truly grown up together here in Colombia. She is still a very trusted and cherished missionary “aunt” to all of our children, having been an important part of their lives as well. Cathy is very much loved and respected by the Covenant people in Colombia, and with her vibrant and radiant personality, she brings her steady influence and devoted faith to every encounter.img_0134-1

A few years back, when one ministry was going through some growth challenges and figuring out how to stay up with the times and the changes going on in the city and country, Cathy’s words of insight and wisdom were very encouraging and visionary. She said, “Hey, there is a lot going on right now. Let’s just remember to keep asking, ‘where is Jesus in all of this? We want to make sure we keep our eyes focused on him.’” If there is one aspect of working alongside of Cathy all of these years that we have come to respect and cherish above all, it is that she keeps her eyes and heart focused on Jesus.

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