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As we are on Home Assignment for these months, it causes us to think through the various Home Assignment opportunities (this is number six) we have had in our 25 years as Covenant Long Term missionaries. We have enjoyed each Home Assignment, as they have all been different and important at that time. Our “home base” has not been in the same house, although two of our home bases have been in the same town. We have been able to build on relationships that began during previous Home Assignments and we are always beginning new relationships.

At the time of this writing we are spending five weekends with Partner Covenant Churches in the Sacramento, CA area. You may ask, “Why so many weekends in churches in one area?”

IMG_5109 IMG_5877 IMG_6302In 2007 we lived in the Sacramento area on our Home Assignment and had a focus of building upon and strengthening partnerships with the Covenant in Colombia that were already in place with two different Churches as well as beginning some new partnerships. At the end of our 2007 Home Assignment we had five more Partnering Churches from the Sacramento area. Out of those partnerships the Covenant in Colombia received a short-term missionary family and two single missionary interns. Since 2007 the Covenant of Colombia has received and ministered with 21 different mission/work/ministry teams from these partnerships and close to 180 people have been on those teams and have gotten to know what God is doing through the Covenant in Colombia. We are all learning from one another and we are learning from and growing with the Covenant in Colombia.


As with all of our partnerships, we are excited and motivated to see and experience what God has going on currently and in the coming months and years through the relationships and unity that has been formed. To all of you, our friends and partners in ministry, we know that we could not be in Colombia without your prayer support, financial support and involvement in our lives and ministry as you encourage us to stay steady and be found faithful.

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