Fabiola showed up!

IMG_2385Fabiola Benjumea was there! No one was expecting to see Fabiola at the Pastoral couples’ dinner to honor the pastors of the Covenant Churches in Antioquia. Fabiola has been battling cancer for quite a few months and has passed through some very tough days. There were many times when we heard that she was in her final moments of life. Her husband, Pastor Manuel Castaneda, has been lost without Fabiola’s help and support in the office of the Drug Rehabilitation program and Worship Center Covenant Church. But there she was and everyone was thrilled to see her. There she was, a living testimony to God’s active healing presence in the life of one of his children.

IMG_3515Since Fabiola retired from teaching and became a part of the staff by joining her husband in ministry she has been able to help solidify the strategy for the El Hermano Rehabilitation Ministry in today’s Colombian society. There have been many changes that have taken place as the Colombian government transitioned to putting all rehabilitation and recovery ministries and programs under the Ministry of Health. This has not been an easy transition for El Hermano and Fabiola’s absence, because of her fight with cancer, has made it even harder. Fabiola has the giftedness to keep the ministry organized in order to stay open and functioning. Pastor Manuel has the heart and compassion and passion to cast the vision for the ministry and be its leader. But, behind every leader is a vital support staff and Fabiola leads that staff. We all need to be praying with the El Hermano Ministry for guidance as to the next steps in keeping this vital ministry open and functioning in a changing world and society.

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