People, meeting, people

Many people read the schedule that Mary Lou and Gary have and comment on how busy and full it is, wondering how we keep “going at such a pace”.  (September 14-October 14 saw 17 people in our home and seven different meetings) The amount of people and meetings that we have hosted in our home this past year is a lot, but it is the reflection of a commitment that Mary Lou and Gary made five years ago when they were looking at how God would move their ministry with the Covenant in Colombia when their children were all out of the home – the “empty nest” period.

Mary Lou and Gary wanted to be able to minister together and enjoy being a “team” that worked together and actually were together.  The previous 16 years of ministry in Colombia were also a “team” experience but it was more of a “team” experience with each one—Mary Lou or Gary—ministering while being supported and encouraged by the other who was taking care of family matters.  In other words, we worked together to make ministry possible but we weren’t necessarily able to actually be present together in the ministry.  That changed when Gary and Mary Lou were the only two in the home.  So, we committed ourselves to opening our home to host people and meetings and make the home a comfortable and useful place for all.  Granted, some of the schedule gets heavy, but it also provides blessings all around.  Especially for Gary and Mary Lou.

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