Bayside came back!

Bayside came back! They began arriving on Tuesday night, June 14, and more come on Thursday, June 16, and they stayed until June 28.  This year they ministered in Bogota, Monteria, San Marcos, La Ye, San Carlos and El Hato.  The South Coast region Churches were in charge this year of the scheduling and the ministries.  The task was to go with God as fresh insights were shared in ministering with children, reaching youth that are hurting because of what life is giving to them, and accompanying those adults and families in search of restoration and recuperation from the affects of the past years in their living situations.  Except for the first day in Medellin and the last day in Medellin, all of the time was spent “on the road” in Bogota and Cordoba (South Coast) for our Mission staff who will be accompanying the team in Cordoba.  So, Jeff, Debra, Linda, Joe, Rachelle, Rosa, Mike and Chris, you had one blessed experience!

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