One month come and gone

One month of Holly Meyer’s Short term missionary career has come and gone.  In that month she has gotten herself all set up to go forward with her ministry in Colombia.  She has met the majority of the pastors in the Covenant.  She has gotten herself settled into a living situation with a Colombian Covenant family where she is immersed in the Colombia culture and the language.  She has begun working with children three days a week as she is teaching in the Covenant Elementary School in Medellin and helping with the Peace House ministry for boys.  She is getting around the city on her own.  And she is enjoying it to its limit.  It isn’t always easy to put life and breath to a vision and a dream of fulfilling God’s calling on a life.  Holly is doing just that, and doing it well.  It is interesting that those who are most attentive to her, outside of the family that she lives with, are some of the pastoral couples she met in her first few days here at a countrywide Pastoral Couple’s retreat.  Way to go, Holly!  Check out her blog at

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