New Church Building – Fresh Blessings

Isaiah 12:3 reads, “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.”  Saturday night we had the joy of joining with many others to inaugurate the new building of the Wells of Salvation Covenant Church in Itaguí.  This 13 year old Church ministry had been renting a room to meet in and had been sending the children to different locations near them for their times of Sunday school and children’s ministry.  Now, they can meet in the same location.  As well, even though in the photos there are people sitting on the balcony, there will be enough room in the temple for awhile.  But not for long.  The Wells of Salvation Covenant Church is praying and is ready to reap the harvest of their ministry in this area and fill up their temple, therefore fulfilling one of the 5 goals of the Colombia Covenant Church, FULL CHURCHES.

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