Bricklaying Rodeo Champ in La Ye

You never really know who will be a part of a work/mission team.  You receive the names but seldom do we know everyone who is coming before they arrive—especially when the team is made up of 18 individuals.  Needless to say Gary was surprised to find out that the hard working fellow that was a part of the group that went with him to La Ye de Sahagun was World Champion Rodeo Cowboy Owen Voigt (shown in picture in white t-shirt).  Gary didn’t find this out until the third day into the trip because Owen had come to Colombia from Helena, Montana, along with his good friend, Bob, to work and he was doing a good job of it.  Considering no walls were up in the new Church building when we arrived and many, many bricks had been laid by the time we left, four days later, Owen, Bob, John, Vern and Gary had many other things on their mind besides rodeoing.  But it was impressive to see how much got done as we got up and to the work site before 6:00am and worked until the sun went down, 12 hours later.  Owen was right there with us each and everyday.  He probably wished he could be back in Montana a few of the days as the temperature was very hot and the sun was quite intense.  Yet, cowboy or not, for one week Owen, and the rest of us, were bricklayers for Jesus and for the Help of God Covenant Church in La Ye de Sahagun, Cordoba, Colombia.

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