Chao January!

I cannot believe how January has come and is now waving goodbye as February slowly enters the door.

I really loved January.

We were able to go to Guayaquil and spend time with family and friends as well as enjoy the ocean and beach:


In January we received our first Merge team of the year (and one very close to our hearts), you can read about our time here. 




We had a lot of wonderful meetings with different church boards and project board members in Ecuador:



We were invited to participate and dialogue in our first Kichwa community meeting:



We had different friends visit and were able to host the secretary and a worship delegate from the Covenant church of Sweden:



As well as host the Covenant church’s North District meeting in our house:



We were able to finish a lot of projects around the house and connect more with the local Kichwa church we are partnering with:



As well as help out more in the Rehabilitation center and connect more there:



I was also able to take the whole month of January as a month of resetting my routines and rhythms (read about it here) as well as take the month of off social media.

It was really lovely as I was able to take back sacred spaces and times in my life (like my early morning quiet time) and reestablish old and create new rhythms for the coming year (like taking time to read, exercise, etc.) I feel much more grounded, and clear-headed as I head into February and the rest of the year.

February looks like it will be a busy month as the once clear, little calendar boxes are now almost full with meetings, teams, travel, and projects. But I don’t feel the anxiety or the need to hurry like I use to, which I really credit to my reestablished early mornings and the Rest Retreat.

So “hear hear!” to the coming of February and all that it shall bring!



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