the liturgy of life

It’s a rainy Thursday, and we’re enjoying some much needed peace and quiet, indoors.

E: baking

R: reading/studying

We are in a time of limbo: knowing we will be leaving to Ecuador, but not quite packing our belongings into plastic bins and saying our goodbyes.

Lately life has been like a gusty autumn wind, blowing this way and that, up and down, picking up leaves here and tossing them over there. For a while, we were letting it take us where and when it wanted. There was no routine, no time for daily habits, no time for rest, and no time for peace. 

But (now), we are learning to be thankful for that which causes us to grow, and maybe, even before being thankful, we are beginning to notice that which gives us opportunity for growth (which I think is harder than being thankful for it), because in the midsts, it has slowly taught as (and we are still learning) to hold tight to moments of reprieve; to hold tight to those daily rituals/habits/routines that bring life and peace and self-care and beauty and rest.

We’re finding out that life needs liturgy.

Something that gives intentional form, to the rhythms of life.

So what does a life of liturgy look like?

We’re still finding out, creating, engaging, encountering, listening, and discovering. And I think that is how it will be because life is fluid….there will always be change, there will always be chaos and busyness…but God, in His great faithfulness and goodness as a Father, will always give us opportunities and moments (even amidst the chaos) of:






and restoration.

Maybe the liturgy of our lives right now looks like folding laundry every Monday, still warm and smelling of lavender. Maybe it is the country drive, to and from my parent’s house, soaking in the beauty of corn fields and blue skies. Maybe it is welcoming the Sabbath every Friday night by bread, grape juice, and prayer. Maybe it is the breaking of bread every Saturday with family, maybe a weekly baking, daily walks, morning quite, and listening.

So may we continue to fight for the grounds of peace we now stand on. May we hold tight to routines that bring life and rest. May we actively seek peace and purpose in the fluidness and rhythms of life. And may we purposefully look for or step back and recognize the liturgy in life and give thanks to the good Father who is in the routines and detours of life.













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  1. Suzy said on August 7, 2015 at 9:46 am

    This spoke lengths to me!! Thank you thank you! I was in a bicycle accident loss consciousness and head laceration as well as a broken collar bone. I found out Minday I will be unable to work for 6-8 weeks. At first I was happy for the break oops not the physical one but out of routine and into a place of rest ! What I have discovered is it is hard to rest to be in Shalom of our Father! I believe God can do immeasurably more than we can imagine but we need to find that rest that quiet place out of the mundane race of life , the busyness , the everyday stuff… And yet we do need balance , you call liturgy yes routines of discipline in our Spiritual walk … Oh God reach down with your Holy Spirit into the depths of our beings into our spirit man/woman and stir us up stir us on strengthen our feeble knees for there is a world in need !! Let your light sine before man that they may glorify the Father through the Son?❤️✨?blessings to you two who have answered the call God has for you and may you win many souls with the message of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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  2. resantana said on August 31, 2015 at 10:23 am

    Wow, healings for your accident! And thank you for your sweet words, we are learning together! 🙂 Amen!

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