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The many colors of Easter…

Posted by on March 20, 2018

In preparation for Easter, German families typically decorate the trees and shrubs outside their homes with little, colorful Easter eggs. Neither of us grew up with this tradition, but we know other American families who did. It brings us and the girls joy to see these little pops of color all over. Winter in Northern Europe is often cold, rainy and gray. Seeing the bright colors is a needed reminder that Spring is just around the corner.

One of our daughters asked us why people put Easter eggs on trees. We weren’t sure if it was just a tradition or if it had a deeper meaning. After doing some research, we found interesting answers! One reason is that the eggs are a reminder of new life (spring) after death (winter.) Another person said the colors have different meanings: yellow means wisdom, red represents the blood of Jesus, white reflects purity and green, hope. Some suggested placing 40 eggs on a tree represents the 40 days of Lent: an Easter version of the Advent calendar! Lastly, someone even suggested the eggs attract the Easter bunny! We wonder if it works in the same way Christmas cookies attract Santa Claus.

No matter why people choose to decorate with Easter eggs, as Christians, we can’t help but see the deeper meaning behind the tradition. The eggs point to the reality of new life. New life is available to everyone who calls upon the name of Jesus. Through Jesus’ death on the cross 2,018 years ago, he took our curse [of separation] upon himself and bestowed on us his blessing as the firstborn, only son of God. Through his work on the cross, we can partake in joyful, eternal fellowship with the Father. We have become brothers and sisters of Christ, and sons and daughters of the Most High King. Jesus has made the way for us to become rightful heirs! What an indescribable gift!

What does this mean for us today? It means that we can live without the fear of death. It means there is a definite end to the suffering we presently face. It means we live as people with freedom and purpose. The time is soon coming for us to enter into the Father’s rest and fullness of joy! We, like the bright little eggs hanging all over Germany, are to live as bright, colorful, hope-filled reminders of this new-Kingdom reality to the world around us.

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