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A foggy journey…

Posted by on January 21, 2018

Today, on our way to church, we had two strange experiences! One was the sound of snow cracking under our tires as we drove down the street. This was a typical sound in the wintertime in Chicago but something we rarely, if ever, hear in Northern Germany! We do not get much snow because Hamburg is a cold “tropical” climate, insulated by the North and Baltic seas.

The second strange thing was the thick, dense fog which permeated the air. It was thick enough that we had to slow down and use our fog lights. But behind the fog, we saw the perfect circular outline of a beautifully bright sun! (Something we RARELY see in Hamburg!) The sun’s brightness seemed to magnify the fog’s thickness and it was difficult to see anything as we drove along. The majestic outline of the bright sun appeared to us as a full moon in the thick fog. It was breathtaking and other-worldly. This view caused us to pause and marvel at the beauty and majesty of God’s creation.

Even though we know the way to church well, the fog made us second guess our route because we lost our long-sighted vision. We have traveled this road many times but the exits and streets seemed to jump out of nowhere. We were reminded that even though we have an idea of the direction our lives are going, God always has the long-term picture in mind. As we near the end of our first term in Germany, we sense God is stirring the winds of change and transformation in our lives once again. We trust him completely as our source of light and wisdom for the journey.

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