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Sometimes feedback feeds us…

Posted by on June 12, 2017

Recently we ALL attended a conference in Vienna, Austria to equip us in our work with Muslims and refugees. We were all able to attend because childcare was offered at the conference! This is quite rare for such conferences in Europe and we jumped at the chance to participate. At a time when so many migrants are travelling to and through Europe, we knew we could benefit from this training as we serve those with whom we cross paths. One particular point from the conference stood out and we would like to share it with you.

We have been working with refugees of both Muslim and Christian backgrounds for almost two years now and we still have much to learn. One of the conference speakers emphasized the importance of listening for feedback from the people we serve and using that feedback to guide us in our outreach efforts. This is because feedback teaches us how to move forward in our relationship with others. This aspect may seem clear and straight forward but it can be easily neglected.

It was refreshing to hear the vulnerability of the speakers and see they are not “super-human” Christians. Sometimes our human nature wants to be the savior of the people we are helping. Other times, we think we could never engage in missions or ministry among refugees because we’re not spiritual enough. This is not the case. First of all, none of us can be a Savior. That is the work of Jesus Christ. Second, each of us are broken and sinful. But God delights in using us anyway, and can use even the most hopeless looking vessel for his most Holy purposes. We simply must be emptied out and filled with his Holy Spirit. We’re glad to be ordinary vessels filled with the most precious of contents.

Our job as Christians bearing witness to those around us is this: We must learn how to share the redeeming message of faith with others in a way they can hear and receive. And we will never discover how they can receive it unless we first stop to listen and pay attention to their feedback. We must be aware of how we present ourselves and know how to gauge the other person and how they are receiving the message. Muslim, Christian, Hindi or an Atheist, it doesn’t matter. We must not be afraid of the feedback but instead view it as a trusted mentor.

We returned home from the training refreshed, challenged, ready to continue the work God has called us to do. We stand in awe of the people who pray and give so we can take part in this ministry. We are so grateful for each person with whom we have crossed paths. Will you pray that God would continue to develop us as Christian workers among his people in Germany? We pray that, above all else, he will be glorified and reconcile many people until himself as many are lost and truly looking for answers and meaning in life.

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